Saging for Solace

Drained by the takers, the pure soul suffers… Like a magnet Dark is drawn to her spirit aglow Her now radiant light, she soon will not know What she perceives to be love is Dark’s disguised lust, But her heart is so pure, therefore blindly she trusts From her lack of protection by the White […]

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More Content Coming Soon!!

  I’ve just begun Okanagan Elements and I have lots to share! I can’t wait to post more content for you to connect with after the holidays. Until then… Merry Christmas!! ♡ XO, Melissa

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Dimes From Heaven

Thank you Chris for the dimes in my pocket I keep them close to my heart, enclosed in a locket Sent to me from above in times of despair Instilling some hope, by knowing you’re there During weeks when the pain was too big for my being Desperation and death were all I was seeing The dread of […]

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